Chisago Lake

Canoe or Kayak Around Chisago Lake

Starting at the Shoquist DNR Boat Landing off highway 8.  Canoe south into Chisago Lake. Chisago Lake is a beautiful lake with lots of undeveloped shoreline on the east shore.  The lake hosts many natural areas with islands and peninsulas to canoe or kayak around.  Take time to find the White Lotus Lilly Pads.  

Description: White flower with rows of petals surrounding a yellow center; rooted on the bottom and floating on the water surface or extending slightly above it; surrounded by round, floating leaves that are green-colored and 6 to 12 inches in diameter; plant stem is mostly below water surface.

Hints to identify: Familiar “lily pad” shape—-floating, round leaves, green on top and green or purplish underneath; leaves have a slit from the edge to the center; flower opens in morning and usually closes by afternoon.

Importance of plant: Provides excellent habitat for largemouth bass and sunfish; seeds are eaten by waterfowl; highly decorative—-often planted in water gardens.

Management strategy: See DNR regulations. Because of its value as fish habitat and as a decorative plant, the white water lily is best left alone. Please do not canoe through the Lilly pads, disruption will destroy this natural beauty, disrupt fish habitat, and allow less-desirable plants to move in.

Enjoy the Lilly Pads then head into some of the little bays and see what the beavers or the eagle have been building.  On your way back stop off at the little island by Paradise Park where the Dahl Island Dance Pavilion sat.

Stop by Paradise Park for a swim.  Lock your canoe or kayak and walk to Kwik Trip for a snack.  

Trip time: 4 hour roundtrip.  But, spend the day enjoying the White Lotus Lilly Pads and Paradise Park.

Trip distance: 8 miles roundtrip