Chisago Lakes Water Trail Budget

The Chisago Lakes Water Trail is a plan to link the local lakes for kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing and camping.  The intent is to provide a venue for those who wish to kayak, canoe and camp but don’t have the time or adventure for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness experience.

Chisago Lakes is a recreational area and the Chisago Lakes Water Trail is another opportunity to get outside and exercise.  Not only will this trail provide recreational opportunities but the intent is to couple the experience with our local retail establishments; restaurants, bars, motels and shopping.  We expect that as our visitors canoe, kayak or paddle board through our lakes they will stop at our many shops.


5 Canoe Trail Access Point signs; Kichisaga Park, Middle School DNR Boat Launch, 295th DNR Boat Launch, Shoquist DNR Boat Launch, Ojiketa Park.

Estimate; $14,970

11 lake signs and 14 “portage” Signs; 25 signs at $35 each

Estimate; $875

2 Pedestrian portage signs for crossing Old Town Road in Chisago City. $50 each plus striping on the roadway.

Estimate; $2,00

3 lockable Canoe Storage Racks; downtown Center City, Lindstrom and Chisago City. $1,200 each.

Estimate; $3,600

2 Rental Kiosks: Kichisaga Park, Lindstrom Beach, and Ojiketa Park in Chisago City. Kayaks 12, Canoes 3, Rental Kiosks 3.

Estimate; $36,000

Map/brochures: brochures we can place at each entry point of the map and rules.

Estimate; Map creation $2,250, at $2.50 each print copy $1,126

4 Campsites: Ojiketa Regional Park has 6 complete plus cabins (funded by the Chisago City), Anderson Peninsula Park of Allemansrätt in Lindstrom has 3 sites complete (funded by Lindstrom and Lakes Improvement District.  We need three or four more, 3 at Kichisaga County Park and 1 in Center City. Each site is $1,275 and includes a fire pit, bench, picnic table, tent pad and bathroom.

Estimate; $5,100

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST for Creating the Chisago Lakes Water Trail: $65,921