The Chisago Lakes Water Trail is not a summer only activity. Minnesotans are versed at getting outdoors in the winter and there are many opportunities to attract visitors to Chisago Lakes Area with cold centered activities. Here are just a few of the activities we might provide to keep the trail full.

Winter Camping

Day activities abound but multi-day trips provide great economic benefit. There are different ways to provide overnight options. Winter Camping is an especially open opportunity. Wild River State Park in Chisago County has cabins for rent in winter and weekends are full. Minnesotans need to get out and providing housing options be it camping, rental camper cabins, fish houses or yurts allows us to be active.

Once we can get you to stay, activities abound.

2Fat Tire Biking

One idea is to sponsor a Fat Tire Bike race on the Chisago Lakes Water Trail during the celebration of the Lakes Winter Festival in January. We’d call it the “Fat Swede”.


Minnesotans love to test themselves.



There’s already a run associated with the Celebration of the Lakes Winter Festival.

There is also a running group in Lindstrom that runs every Saturday through the winter.


Snow Shoeing

Lakes are perfect for snow shoeing along the the frozen water trail.

15Cross Country Skiing

Lakes are also great for cross country skiing and ski jouring! We have considered a series of rental fish houses to allow skiing from house to house for overnight stays.


Of course, lakes make great trails for snowmobiles.

Ice Fishing

Not many people would sit outside in freezing weather waiting for a fish to bite, but Minnesotans do. Lots of them.

So, for those in warmer climates, winters in Minnesota may seem an unusable season, but not for us. Welove it and, the colder the better. Well, not really. But, we can take it pretty cold and still enjoy ourselves. So, the Chisago Lakes Water Trail is a unique opportunity to attract visitors to our communities in summer, but also in winter.